How to Wax a Floor

///How to Wax a Floor

How to Wax a Floor

How to Apply Floor Finish/Wax/Sealer

Why use Floor Finish? To put a protective surface on floors. To enhance the beauty of floors, without floor finish the floor scuffs easily. To increase the overall appearance level of the building because the first impression is the lasting impression.


  • Each coat of finish should be the thickness of a sheet of waxed paper
  • Always use “wet floor” signs when applying floor finish
  • Check floor area carefully for trash and residue left after scrubbing and rinsing. Remove all trash, debris etc. before applying floor finish
  • Apply finish to a small enough area so that edges will not dry before the next area is started. If the finish does dry, lap marks can be caused
  • Work quickly from one area to another to prevent lap marks casued by drying
  • To save clean-up time line bucket with plastic bag
  • Use a clean, laundered mop which has been wetted with water and wrung out completely so it will not absorb too much finish
  • Bucket and wringer must be clean, or to be sure, you can line your bucket with a trash liner.


  • Make sure the floor is ready for the wax. Rince with a pH Neutralizer like our PP-404, and allow to dry completely
  • Place approximate amount of finish necessary to do the job in the bucket
  • Immerse mop in bucket of finish and wring slightly (mop should not be dripping). Wring slowly to prevent foam
  • Go around the edge of the room, near the wall, about 1 foot out and then start in the far back of the room and do a figure eight pattern, this procedure eliminates lap marks.
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