How to Spray Buff or High Speed Burnish

///How to Spray Buff or High Speed Burnish

How to Spray Buff or High Speed Burnish


It is spraying a mixture of floor finish and water on scuffed floor areas and buffing those areas while they are damp. This procedure removes a thin layer of dirty floor finish, replaces the same amount of finish, and burnishes the floor.

High Speed burnishing with a soft white pad shortly after new floor finish is laid may will “melt” down the top layer. The heat will cause the top layer to become stronger, resisting scratches/scuffs longer.

Why Spray Buff? To extend the life of the finish and to smooth the finish.

Why Burnish? To get a high gloss or “WET” look to extend life of the finish


  • Floor must be clean or you will rub the dirt into the floor
  • When damp mopping use a detergent that leaves no residue
  • Use very little solution when spray buffing
  • Pad should be one inch larger than the pad holder to prevent damage to walls and to the pad holder
  • Spray buff solution may be pre-mixed by the manufacturer or diluted by the user
  • Walk in a straight line while using a high speed machine. DO NOT swing from side to side.

Equipment and Materials Needed:

  • Dust Mop
  • Damp mop and wringer bucket
  • Rotary Floor Machine (High Speed Buffer 500 to 2000 RPM’s)
  • Pads
  • Spray buff solution (We offer Renu, Gelcon and Pop&Shine)

Procedure for Spray Buffing:

  1.  Dust mop the area
  2. Damp mop, if necessary, to remove heavy soil
  3. Center the pad on the pad holder. Install pad and holder on the machine. NOTE: Machine will operate smoothly with the pad centered, if off-center the pad will make the machine difficult to control.
  4. Spray SMALL amount of solution on the scuffed areas. Use machine to blend scuffed area into the unscuffed areas of the floor.
  5. The pad will accumulate some dirt and floor finish. (The spray buff solution is replacing this layer of floor finish.) When the pad is filled, turn it over and then replace as necessary with a clean pad.
  6. Clean Up: Wipe machine off, Clean the pads by soaking in a strip solution then rinsing under the pressure of a hose. (Pads are ready to be rinsed when dirt is loose.) Or High Pressure Washing (no soaking necessary).
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