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Nature's Solution

Bio-Enzymatic Deodorizer / Spotter / Digester

Multi-functional maintenance product designed for odor control, drain maintenance, carpet spotting, bathroom cleaning, septic tank maintenance and waste water treatment. Contains our long lasting MCATM odor counteractant with Herve OutdoorsTM fragrance.

Authorized USDA Product


Sold by the Gallon or 4 gallons/case. Or by the Quart or 12 quarts/case.

Hal’s Tip: Nature’s Solution works until it has dried on nearly any surface. Perfect for spraying down carpets after extraction and before vacuuming well when its dried. Works great on pet stains, you can even inject it into your carpet padding using a sergical syringe. Also good as a pretreatment for mopping around stools and urinals. Clear soured odors from clothes, towles, or mops by adding it to your wash. Freshen carpets by lightly spraying before vacuuming, allow to dry and vacuum.

Once you try this product, you may find you need a couple of gallons to try all its uses!

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